Production VS Design

Is it possible to find everything in one package and to have everything done perfectly? I will try to explain and bring this topic closer to you.

Many companies have teams of top experts that offer all the services, but when they need socks, many of them turn to big companies that manufacture socks and fall into a trap that consumes time and money since they are offered a copy of another brand or design. Of course, there are professional companies that would never do that, but many less known or unknown companies copy designs so, instead of getting an original idea, you get only half of the service.

Seemingly you’ve got everything, the product is in your hands, the sales are on the way, the factory is no longer responsible for the delivered design. In the worst scenario, you are at risk of being sued for copyright infringement. Then you pull the product from the market, lose customers, lose money, and you can’t do absolutely anything with the product. You decide to either burn it or share it with friends. Then you start looking again, but this time for freelancers or designers who would do the design. Or you could rather choose us, a team of experts that will come up with original ideas and make your brand unique.


For example, if a car sales company decides to make socks with their logo in four designs and gives the job to a particular socks company, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they will get top-notch service.

Well, I will repeat: those factories MANUFACTURE socks. Yes, they are top experts in the production itself, but not in what is called sock design. Yet, some factories have a tradition of hiring designers but they also work with top designers around the world, which is not a bad move. They are experts in manufacturing, have their own designer and by cooperating with another one they will offer a high-quality and complete product.

Wizzitex team is qualified for the design and the technical details related to preparing socks for production, but not in manufacturing itself. We don’t make socks, but we do offer great design solutions.

Therefore, in order to find the perfect product, I divide socks into several subgroups:

1. Design (a creative designer gives his original idea)

2. Technical design (an expert who fully understands files for the machine)

3. Adjusting files for machines (a factory technical worker who ensures that socks don’t tear and cares about the quality of the socks)

4. Material selection (an expert for textile and yarn selection)

5. Production (production and finishing touches so the socks get their final shape)

Each category is equally important, but it would be a lie to say that one factory has everything and that everything is perfectly organized.

Each category is linked to the other, but everything starts with an idea. While working at a sock factory without adequate organization, I realized that the bosses were in conflict with each other. The salesmen want socks that they can sell, the company director wants to use as little material as possible, and the head of production wants the sock to be as simple as possible to make the manufacture process easy and effortless. The designers are under pressure and such an organization is doomed. I came out of the factory with experience and realization of how things shouldn’t be done. After two years, I started Wizzitex with the aim to warn you and at the same time present why you should choose us.

That is why these five categories are very important and every man in our team is doing his part of the job skillfully. Of course, there are factories and companies that already collaborate with freelancers and they can offer you a complete service that includes both design and production. For example, I can confidently confirm that FUNATIC will give you a complete service and they are collaborating with us. In short, all our clients are people who combine us ‒ experts for design and file preparation for machines ‒ with other companies that produce high-quality socks.

Our association will make your future product fantastic!

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