I have wanted to introduce this brand for a long time, but until now, I haven’t been able to find the time to really say anything more about it in detail. I mentioned it in my first blog post, but I think it deserves to be discussed in more detail! I am not too biased, …


Almost Original Socks

As the name of this new brand says, it belongs to fan-art, but also this is a completely new design concept. To me personally, great idea! The design is fun and among other things, this is the almost only way for one to afford Fruit on a t-shirt, mug or socks. I wear my pair …

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Production VS Design

Is it possible to find everything in one package and to have everything done perfectly? I will try to explain and bring this topic closer to you. Many companies have teams of top experts that offer all the services, but when they need socks, many of them turn to big companies that manufacture socks and …

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Technical socks designer

What is a technical socks designer? When I started doing socks design, I thought to myself ‘This is an easy job, I will master everything within a month’, and then I was very quickly reassured that the limitations themselves that those socks bring along are not quite easy to master. Two years of experience in …

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