Technical socks designer

What is a technical socks designer?

When I started doing socks design, I thought to myself ‘This is an easy job, I will master everything within a month’, and then I was very quickly reassured that the limitations themselves that those socks bring along are not quite easy to master.

Two years of experience in a socks factory turned me into someone who could work independently, but the knowledge of socks keeps growing. Only after 4 years of experience in this trade could I say to myself *I’m so damn good at this, so good that no client returned my files for me to make additional corrections in the last year and a half

A sock is a product that has limitations in colors and that depends on the producer himself and the machine the socks are being worked on, as well as the types of machines the socks are being worked on, the adaptability of all textures on a sock.

Socks Designer or a Sock Design

Also, the quality of said design adaptability often affects the quality of a sock as a product. One wrong move, and entire series of socks would be considered second-class. Socks with too much detail can be torn more easily. There are many other particularities that cannot be seen by a naked eye.

In that sense, a technical designer is the one to learn all those details to be able to call himself a great expert in socks design. For example, many graphic designers or illustrators can be experts in their respective trades, but they could be nowhere near technical designers in theirs.

They (graphic designers) are experts, but they would make a design that no sock manufacturer would accept or, at best, accept with a risk that the sock would be very hard to manufacture. In such cases, the manufacturer would not want to bear such responsibility. They lose money, they lose time, and, worst of all, they lose the trust of final customers and the story of a successful business crumbles down like a tower of cards

My clients often ask me: “What if I hire two designers?”

That is not such a bad move. If one of them were a graphic designer with great experience and great drawing capabilities, while the other only had excellent technical knowledge, the job could be done quite nicely, but what I always recommend to my clients is that having one designer with great drawing capabilities and good technical knowledge is absolute best; there is no waste of time or money and, most importantly, final customers. Rest assured that such service would be done exquisitely!

This is why Wizzitex operates successfully and our clients keep coming back.
They are aware that we as a team develop their ideas and create good business!

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