Most popular sock brands

 We’ve all heard of the world-famous brand Happy Socks, so I wish to shine a light on other manufacturers and distributors of socks.

 In no particular order:

Funatic Socks

Socks inspired by pop culture with funny and entertaining signs that make this brand distinctive. You can find amusing designs about various themes.


Was founded in 2012; and specialises in the production of high-quality cotton socks with the emphasis on comfort.

Say it with a sock

This brand is somewhat new, founded in 2015, on Valentines Day. After only two months, they gained a large following!

Sock Palace

Started in 2019 to bring fresh designs in socks to the people of NZ.

Sock It To Me

With this brand, there is certainly something for everyone. They offer a variety of designs of socks and underwear.

Resilience Gives

”The idea for Resilience Gives fell into Jake’s lap when he was given his umpteenth pair of boring, non-slip, hospital socks after being admitted for a bone marrow transplant, but it remained just an idea until his journey with cancer forced him to reconsider what he knew about resilience”.

Do you have a favourite brand? Share your thoughts and experiences.

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