I have wanted to introduce this brand for a long time, but until now, I haven’t been able to find the time to really say anything more about it in detail. I mentioned it in my first blog post, but I think it deserves to be discussed in more detail! I am not too biased, but working with Funatic for about 3 years now has been excellent.  As for their designs, Funatic was one of my favorite brands (even before working with them) and the founder of the brand is great to work with.


Whoever decides to work with Funatic will not regret it.  They have a wide range of socks that are fun, so I guess that’s where the name FUNATIC comes from. They don’t limit themselves, and give each customer something. If you love ANIMALS, these socks are perfect for you and they’re at your disposal.

Animal socks, the entire collection, is one of the best in my opinion. I, that is Wizzitex, worked on the preparation of the files for production. I have prepared all 30+ designs in details for the 200-needle production. It was a huge project for me.  You can decide for yourself whether you like the quality and design!

YEAR 2020

2020 brought us the coronavirus and with it, the level of work dropped.  During 2020 I worked with Funatic periodically, but there are still many socks that I like. For example, I worked on preparing files for ”Kamala Harris”, ‘Dr. Fauci Fan Club”, ”Joe Exotic For President’,‘ ”Carole Frickin‘ Baskin”, and many others. I also have to mention Adam Turman’s socks. The designs of these socks are really complicated, but I enjoyed working on them because how the socks end up looking is completely dependent on how I prepare the production file. The most interesting socks from this collection are ‘Campfire’, ‘Kicking Ass for the Working Class’, ‘Midnight Loon’ and ‘WI Months’.

You can see some of the designs below:


Early in 2021 I started doing some more work for Funatic. Constant cooperating keeps us together, but only since the end of March have things begun to return to normal.  My favorite of their new designs is called ‘Workin’ On My Santa Bod ’. I would order 30 pairs of these socks just for myself every day! Take a look, aren’t they great?

Funatic does not only sell their socks, and they also work with many other brands, which is a big plus for them. The quality itself is impeccable. I have been wearing Funatic socks for more than two years and they have not torn anywhere.  But just as shirts and pants go out of style, so do socks, requiring the constant purchase of new ones. 🙂 As I change my clothing combinations, I also change socks as one small, but important, detail.

As someone who has been in this business for more than 5 years, I can tell you that these socks can be adapted to any of your outfits, because they are made with great stylish colors, and, as I already mentioned, Funatic has designs for everyone.


Sock production is often a complicated, mysterious process. No one knows who designed them, or how they were created, but with Funatic, they make the designs and then I prepare them for production. Then they are knit, shipped, and sold in stores mostly in the United States, but also in the Netherlands, Canada and Mexico. The whole process is of course much more complicated, but I hope I have conjured up at least a part of this phenomenal brand for you!

And now, take a look at some of their designs and decide which ones are right for you:

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