Almost Original Socks

As the name of this new brand says, it belongs to fan-art, but also this is a completely new design concept. To me personally, great idea! The design is fun and among other things, this is the almost only way for one to afford Fruit on a t-shirt, mug or socks. I wear my pair of socks with pride!

As for the socks themselves, there are a total of 5 designs at your disposal:

1. Almost a Mouse
2. Almost a Crocodile
3. Almost a Bat
4. Almost a Tongue
5. Almost a Fruit

The design is likable, fun and, as the name suggests, ALMOST ORIGINAL. If you want a genuine original, set aside larger sums of money and get the full service, but if you want an ORIGINAL ‘Almost Original’, then this is the only way to purchase, because there is no copy of ‘Almost Original. That would be too much now, wouldn’t it? If, for example, you buy a cup with an Almost mouse and pour tea into it, that tea becomes Almost. 😀 But enough with jokes, let’s get down to design!

Almost a Mouse

It belongs to the most popular design group. As far as Wizzitex is concerned, this design is the most authentic of the five currently on sale. The designs aren’t even close to the original, but they’re really funny.

Almost a Crocodile

The genuine original would envy how much fan-art of this is twisted. It is so poorly done that it gives it a special charm. The very appearance of this crocodile is reminiscent of ‘as Perry the Platypus’, but to my regret, it is just an inverted and unusual crocodile. You can’t always get what you want in life, but you can imagine and fantasize about it that it’s actually ‘as Perry the Platypus’!

Almost a Bat

Wizzitex doesn’t have any particular opinion on this design, other than it likes it yellow. It is of an entertaining character, of course. The colors are in harmony, the design is intended for people who like mice.

Other Designs

You can see other designs directly on the Almost Original Instagram profile, and as far as the sizes are concerned, there are 4 sizes on offer, almost 100% cotton, made in Serbia.

However, there are a few objections to socks. What socks certainly cant provide as a product, and it concerns technical issues, is that the bat sign looks like a movie character, which is not the case with T-shirts or mugs, or a sign of a tongue reminiscent of musician band, and a manufacturer who made it surely needs to have a perfect knowledge of this field, but it all depends on the technical designer (and you can find the text about it here), and the production of socks itself. One more thing, the socks are thin, which is ideal for summer, but maybe not that much for winter conditions.

What catches the eye with no doubt is the packaging, which can also be used to sort socks in your drawer, so you always know your clothing combination. That is good thing! The designer who made this brand thought of everything – the whole branding, including the sock design itself, which is perfectly packaged!

See some of the pictures here. As for me, one completely refreshing topic in the world of fashion and socks – can be women socks and men socks. We hope that this is just the beginning and we expect many more interesting ideas to come. In the end, everything becomes ALMOST, but your steps are the ones that leave a mark.

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