5 key elements of selling socks and development of a brand

Purchasing of original design

Mostly reserved for people who have particular idea, the ones who build their own brand, already have had one and reagarding that brand they are selling theirself or their own design. The socks design has to be highly unique so the ones who use to decide in purchasing this socks design have to be aware of that the price of a certain design varies which depends of a designer themself. Yet, id you want something original, unique and never seen on any market, the socks design may be even $500 and maybe more.

Selling socks

Selling socks is not that easy proccess at all. I used to think that it’s so simple just to show your design anywhere and just wait for a seller to simply buy it. It doesn’t work that way. It’s like having a bank robbery as a goal, but without any particular plan. Selling socks requires very well complex and detailed strategy. Its very good to have your stores on Amazon or Etsy, or both and to start selling there, but I highly recommend using social networks you could connect your stores to, to increase the visits to your products. All of these require market research and pretty high budget as well so I highly recommend, with all of my responsibilty the next chapter (No3) as a great strategy for your business.

Purchasing commercial custom socks design

It’s well known that middle-markets and start-up companies usually decide to use this kind of designs. It’s also very true that Wizzitex offers something like that even though it only offers original ideas that sell multiple times. People who buy these designs are either the ones who want to enrich their assortment or to launch their start-up business, actually with a low budget you can get a design for as low as $15 and sell it multiple times or make a collection of 10 designs for only $150. It’s just the starting which may help you to atract the buyers and after that step you may start to develop your own brand.

To make things more spicy and more appealing, note that each design we offer may be used for any other print on demand product, not only for socks. In that case you may ask for additional help and we will be glad to assist you to get axactly what you want. One more fact which this design may very suitable for you is if you e.g. sell your product in Texas and the other business owner sells their product in France you may be completely sure that your markets will never represent any competition one another. All of our clients are very satisfied with this option and the designs have been selling very fast.

Making choice

Each choice consists of at least 4 designs, but I, as an expert in this field suggest 10 or more. The poorest choice the less customers, the old good recipe in every business and low choise brings less customers for sure. Imagine you have a potential buyer of socks who wants to purchase e.g. cat pattern sock. You have that fantastic cat pattern of sock, but they also want to buy some African pattern too, but you do not have that one. It’s just a lost of opportunity for you as a sock seller. As I have already said 10 and more designs of socks brings more customers.


In order to sell any of your design, socks, pillow cases or other printed products you have to target your customers and customers. Diversity may be very contraproductive in every business. For example if you are exclusive suits seller you should likely create your Royal socsks line. And if you are a pet shop owner you will likely create socks with pets patterns (cats, dogs, etc). This is very important for targeting because you if you sell cat socks you simply can not attract buyers who just want one color, abstract or other designs. It’s calling „Niche-down“ and it’s the main key of your success.

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