The Wizzitex project was started in September 2019. I aim to direct clients entering the socks industry, to prevent them from making the basic mistakes when choosing a designer, manufacturer, type of socks and, among other things, the quality of the yarn used in the production, as well as the quality of the design, price-quality ratio, and eventually to offer our solutions in this area.

Marko Micic with four years of experience (two years in a sock factory and two years as a freelancer) started this project. My clients are people who rapidly expand their product assortment and I am always there to help them, responsibly guaranteeing a satisfying and successful business relationship!

I am not limited to design, I am an inventors of good ideas. The work itself is not based on copies but on original and commercial ideas, combining my creativity with your ideas, examining the market, connecting your business with trends to ensure that the product I offer is complete and unique, with all the technical details.  

What distinguishes Wizzitex from other teams, especially large or small factories, companies that offer a complete service in design and product development, is the fact that my knowledge and testing is based exclusively on design and bringing the product to perfection, namely, to the perfect blending of technically quality design and perfect design solutions ‒ something a factory cannot offer.  

Help your ideas become a successful business and make that tiny piece of wardrobe someone’s style, a thing they can’t do without, a style that will always be recognizable, whether it’s a major conference or a birthday party. It’s completely irrelevant. The only thing that matters is the smile of the end customer and the fact that he will always come back with the same smile to buy your product!

My base when creating designs is:
1. Commercial art
2.Respecting deadlines
3. Professional but friendly communication

I can offer you complete or partial services which include:
1. Design (vector view)
2. File for machines(84N to 200N)
3. Mock-up


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